Andrew and Amelia Story

March 26, 2019


In our line of work, we have the privilege of being entrusted with so many incredible proposal stories. However, we knew we needed an extra special story to share for National Proposal Day! As soon as we caught wind of Andrew and Amelia’s engagement story, we knew it was perfect!

We are so excited to have Andrew sharing all the magic of this dreamy Texas proposal, we know you are going to love it!


“We were planning on going somewhere warm for Amelia’s January 2018 reading week from Law School, and I was planning to propose. But after hurricanes ravaged most of the Caribbean in 2017 we needed to rework our plans. Our friends had been raving about how amazing the food scene was in Austin and we’d both dreamed of visiting the impossibly cute West Texas artist town of Marfa. Plus, it would be warm there too, so we decided on Texas. We were going to road trip from Austin, to Marfa, then San Antonio. We were both researching activities to do, restaurants, bars, music venues, and museums to visit, but she had no idea what else I was planning on the side. 



Since May of 2017 I’d been working with Margot to design the perfect ring for Amelia. Lucky for me, Amelia had already done some modelling for Margot and Earleen and they were able to subtly get her opinion on which ring styles she liked best during photo shoots.


They even called her in for a fake photo shoot in order to subtly get her candid opinion on some specific rings and get an idea of her ring size. What would have been one of the most difficult aspects of buying an engagement ring became SO easy with Margot. I decided on a variation of her ‘Kate' design. We adjusted some of the design elements and I chose a pear shaped Champagne diamond because I work in the wine industry and the colour tone looked so beautiful with the yellow gold Amelia prefers. It turned out to be absolutely perfect!


Now with a ring purchased and Texas booked as our destination, I just had to plan the actual proposal. Being in the wine industry, nice dinners out are pretty common, so proposing at a fancy restaurant wouldn’t really hit the mark, since that’s a pretty regular occurrence for us.


We really love travelling, camping, cooking and being outdoors so I was considering something more rugged and outdoorsy in Texas. And since we were planning on trekking out to Marfa, I thought that would be the best spot to hold a special place in our lives as our remote engagement location. I tried to work out a scenario for a horseback ride adventure proposal, but we couldn’t really get any horses without a guide tagging along (not very romantic). Instead I thought I’d do something less grand, a little more low-key everyday “us”.


I found a beautiful little adobe home on AirBnB with that amazing minimalist ‘Marfa Modern’ clean design with an awesome backyard filled with cacti and a fire pit on the edge of town bordering a railroad track and the open desert. This was perfect, because with a place like this we didn’t need to DO anything crazy, the place and the countryside itself was epic enough. I'd tell her we were planning to stay in that evening and make use of the cute kitchen and backyard fire pit and she'd be none the wiser. We love cooking and campfires, so insisting on this wouldn’t be weird at all.


After a day in Austin, we rented a pickup truck (when in Texas, right??) and hit the road for the seven hour drive across most of the state to Marfa. We stopped along the way and picked up a load of firewood from a cowboy selling it on the roadside. Now we just needed groceries. Luckily the 1700 person town of Marfa is probably the foodiest/artsiest place per capital in North America, so it was no problem to collect some wonderful groceries and wine for a dinner at home. We even had time for a cocktail at the beautiful Hotel Saint George before heading home to make dinner. 


After dinner I started a fire in the backyard, put on the radio, and opened a special bottle of sparkling I saved from our first road trip together in 2016 to Nova Scotia where we visited Benjamin Bridge winery. I kept a bottle of their Brut Reserve from the trip and packed it in my luggage along with the ring for that special night. In the wine industry we play games with each other pouring surprise wines “blind” to each other to try to guess what it is and where it’s from. I gave her a glass of this to my surprise she got it on her first guess! So we were outside by the fire in this oasis town in the desert under the huge star-filled Texas sky with George Strait playing in the background, drinking our special bottle of “champagne” with her Champagne diamond ring in my pocket. And when she said something about how perfect that night was and how much she loved me, I took that cue to surprise her by getting down on one knee by the fire and pull out Margot’s ring and ask her to marry me. Obviously she said yes, and literally 30 seconds later a train sped past us on the railroad track that separated the backyard from the open desert. It was our own version of far west Texas fireworks celebrating our engagement: the brightest star-filled sky we’d ever seen up in the high desert with a fright train speeding past us. 


Somewhat confident she would say yes, I had also pre-arrange an engagement photo shoot with the top photographer in town for the following afternoon. We spent our first day of engagement touring around the art galleries and food trucks of Marfa before meeting up with our photographer for our West Texas engagement shoot. That was so worth it, the best part of the plan. We’ll treasure those pictures forever. For the day after that, I had scheduled a horseback guide through the mountains of Big Bend Ranch State Park, exploring the trails through the cliffs along the Rio Grande River overlooking Mexico. Easily the most beautiful 3 days of my life so far. 


We didn’t really know or care anything about Texas prior to this trip, and now it’s become one of our favourite places in the world and we can’t wait go back. Afterwards, friends of ours spontaneously started gifting us cacti and various other Texas related things, and we decided George Strait would also sing us through our first dance as he did our engagement. Texas has just become a funny random new theme in our relationship and it all started with my engagement ring consult with Margot and how easy she made the planning the ring design and helping with proposal ideas from the beginning.”



We completely fell in love with Andrew and Amelia’s exciting proposal story, and now you can see why! Every single detail was so beautifully crafted with so much intention.



We asked Amelia what she thought of her proposal and her new bling, and we love what she had to say! This is why we do what we do!


“When I could finally see the ring on my finger, I was stunned to see it was from Stor!  Not only was it from Stor, it was my favourite ring of the collection, and I was pretty sure I had never told Andrew that! The perfect gold ring, with a vintage infinity band and halo around a HUGE champagne diamond totally brought me to tears again. It was like receiving the ring of my dreams without even knowing what my dreams were in the first place.  I had no expectations about what my engagement ring would look like, even though I had hinted about Stor's designs a few times (haha!). I was lucky enough to model for Margot at her first styled shoot and fell in love with her rings (and her!) immediately. To have one of her rings for the rest of my life is incredibly special. I am so thankful for the months of work that Margot and Andrew put into designing this ring, as the love that was put into it completely shines through.  Every time I catch my ring sparkling in the sun, I'm brought back to one of the most joyous and love filled nights of my life, and I am so grateful that Margot was a part of it.”



Congratulations to the lovely couple, we are so honored to be a part of your story! xo