Emeralds Taking Over 2019

March 13, 2019

We heard rumours last year, that trends for 2019 would include the clean, slick and sophisticated emerald cut, but little did we know they would be appearing before the spring hit in full force! Just this last week, Jlo and Jennifer Lawrence had these brand new celebrity proposals flooding our social media feeds, and well…we couldn’t be more excited that it’s actually happening!

Jlo's Engagement Ring
Jlaw's Engagement Ring


Emerald cuts were first created for the Emerald Green stone, but dating back to the 1500’s stonecutters liked the ease of which this shape could be cut and it officially joined the ranks of the diamond ‘table cuts’. 


What’s the difference you might be wondering? They are much more clear, and you can see right in to the depths of the stone from above, the cuts in the stone are called ‘step cuts’ of which the modern stone boasts 58, you can tell an emerald cut from a mile away if light is hitting, as it is much more of a ‘lightning bolt’ compared to the typical ‘sparkle’ or ‘twinkle’ of many of the other popular cuts. 


One thing you may have noticed from these beauties (or just have a quick look at Jlo’s and you’ll see what I mean!) they need to be very clear and white to look their best and Arod definitely pulled that off. ;) 

Stórs Emeralds: Blair & Waldorf