Julie and Andrews Winter Proposal Story

February 22, 2019

We find so much joy in being able to play a role in our couples love stories, and today on the blog we are sharing a lovely proposal story of one of our sweet couples from London, Ontario.
Although Julie played a part in the design process of her dream ring, and knew it had arrived; Andrew still managed to catch her off guard with a surprise proposal that has all the personal touches and comfort of home we endlessly dream about.
Julie and Andrew met in the fall of 2011, in their days studying at Western University; Julie was a second year nursing student where Andrew was in his first year of Business. They ended up playing together on an inner tube water polo team, and then he moved in with some of her close friends. The late nights of studying and spending time together continued on as they decided to take a class that neither of them needed and they spend most of their time giggling and instant messaging. Julie finally decided that she no longer wanted to hang out and asked Andrew to go on a date with her, and from there, their story continued.
February 3rdhad already begun as a special day as Julie’s sister and boyfriend had come to visit. They spent the day showing them around town, playing rounds of euchre at a local brewery and then headed to the farmers market together. They attempted to secure dinner reservations but started to panic when everywhere was already booked up! However, they managed to find a place to eat.
Julies’ sister had found out about this special surprise the day before, and is known to not be able to hold in a secret. So much so, that while at the restaurant she ran off to pay for the meal, as she needed to tell someone all that was about to happen and broke the exciting news to their waitress. Julie however was not thrown off by the great enthusiasm of their waitress when she came over to wish them a great night.
Since it was a mild winter evening, they headed home to make Baileys Coffees and head out to skate together at their community run skating rink. Julie and Andrew had moved to this neighbourhood three years ago, and created a home together and feel a deep sense of community, one that they love. This winter the community created an adorable little volunteer run skating rink fit with lights. Julie had fallen in love with this rink and was always walking her dog past it and asking if they could go skate there every evening.
Julie is a figure skater and she had taught skating for many years. She was spinning around on the ice, and trying to convince Andrew to join her. He then grabbed her hand and pulled her towards where her sister was standing, and dropped down to one knee!
Julie exclaimed, “Are you kidding me?” as she backed away from him and he followed her while still on one knee trying to get her response. Julie continually nodded as she tried to get a ‘Yes!’ out through all the shock and trying her best to hold back her tears.
It was so special for them to be in the company of her sister and their dog Miles who eagerly ran around with a puck in his mouth. Shortly after the proposal, one of the volunteers arrived at the rink and was overjoyed to hear of the good news and exclaimed ‘I knew we built this rink for a good reason’
“I love this little community we live in, it’s so welcoming and so lovely. We walk our dog in that park almost every day, and I will always know the exact spot where we got engaged and think of it every time we walk through”
Julie knew she was looking for a ring that was more vintage & he wanted something simple and they worked as a team to achieve the perfect ring. She found it really important to find a forever ring that reflected how unique she is.
She stumbled upon StorbyMargot and swooned over Margot’s classic romantic vintage style.
“I love the ring!
 I can’t even describe to you how perfect it is!”
We can feel the romance and the excitement from this beautiful winter proposal. Andrew added the sweetest personal touch and had her ring engraved with meaningful words to their relationship translated to French, as Julie is bilingual. We couldn’t be more excited for them and we continually say how much we adore our couples, and that is because they are as wonderful as Julie and Andrew.
“It’s been less than a week and so many people have complimented the ring, and asked where it came from! I take great pride in telling everyone that we designed it together, with Margot.”
We can’t wait to join you in designing your dream ring, and to be able to share your proposal story.