The Peace Project

April 20, 2019

We recently had the privilege of sharing an exciting announcement with all of you, something Margot has been dreaming up since the very early days of Stor By Margot; the Peace Project.


The inspiration for this project is owed to Margot’s late aunt, Irene. She was an incredible woman who had the biggest heart. She was a teacher and a huge supporter of education both here in Canada and overseas, and she clearly left a huge impact in this world before she lost her fight with cancer. Margot knew when she started this company she wanted to partner to make a positive impact in this world. Quite fittingly, Irene’s name means peace, and the Peace Project has been created in her honor.


We are thrilled to have created a partnership with MuktiVillage to support their programs in India. This organization works to advance education for students ages 4 through to 18. They run afterschool programs, special camps, tutoring and provide a safe refuge for the students who are participants in their organization and school. A large percent of the students are girls, who are usually expected to be working to provide for their families. Thanks to the work of Mukti Village they are able to attend school and earn a proper education.


We are thrilled to have officially launched this partnership program in early March, and to announce that part of every Stor by Margot sale will be going towards this incredible organization and the work they do to support these children in India. We are incredibly hopeful to aid them in building a permanent structure one day!


The hope for this project is to forever keep Irene’s memory alive as we commit to always playing a significant role in encouraging and continuing children’s education.


Our specific goal for 2019 is to fund a large portion of their summer camp program so more children can be in attendance.


We are incredibly excited about all that this partnership has in store, and we will be continuing to share more stories and information as it grows. We feel honored to be in the business that we are and celebrating special milestones with so many amazing clients, and we are so thrilled that our impact will be felt globally through this partnership. We want to thank you in advance for the role you are playing in this project!


If you would like to learn more about Mukti Village, please visit their website here.