The Story of Blair

September 01, 2018

‘A vast open plain’, Blair’s meaning represents all the openness and beauty of Scotland, which could not be more perfect for the ring you can be lost in forever.


I had decided early on, that the 2019 collection would have to include one of my most favourite diamond cuts, one which I had surprisingly not yet officially added in: the coveted emerald. Emerald cut diamonds, with their large open space, are as unique as they come mainly because they have a light refraction entirely their own. Unlike all of it’s diamond friends, the emerald does not sparkle in the traditional sense, instead it pulls in light and sends it out in flashes most similar to a bolt of lightening. Eye catching indeed.


Some of you know by now that my entire 2019 collection was moved up due to a last minute trip to Scotland, where they were going to be photographed and featured with some amazing vendors from other parts of the world. I already knew about Blair at this point, because I sketched her on a receipt paper after the glimpse I caught in that incredible space between alertness and drifting off to sleep. I knew then that I would finally create the solitaire style I had been trying to dream up, something as unique as the rest of my collection, but catering to the simplicity that is a solitaire: a focus on the centerpieces.

My favourite part of this new solitaire style is the slight detail near the posts, just a little beauty underneath to compliment the incredible top. Blair’s band has the subtle lines to mirror the geometric brilliance of the emerald and tiny baguette’s which round out her beautiful soul.

It was easy to name Blair after a country I am completely in love with, especially because it was her first trip too ;) I can’t wait to see this incredible vision on your fingers this engagement season, you will fall in love with her too!