The Story of Charlotte

September 06, 2018

Sometimes the hardest part about introducing a new ring design in to the world is choosing a name! I don’t choose names without meaning, and secretly hope I don’t run out of viable options because then I would obviously have to shut down ;) But more seriously, I spend so much time creating these pieces, that finishing them off with just any name seems outrageous.

When I finished the designs for the Old World, New World Collection which we took to Scotland this summer, I definitely thought Charlotte would be my favourite (close she’s in the top 3) and knowing that has had me brainstorming all about her for several months now. No ideas were working at first until a very big DUH moment went off in my brain! I set her with a sapphire, she’s a royal, she gets a princess name! And after that it was just too easy, Charlotte means feminine, and what could be more feminine then the most elaborate frame I have ever created??

Her glorious frame, made up of 8 points, and sensuous curves, surround a stone that floats in the middle. I chose an emerald cut which was just perfect, however the possibilities are endless with Charlotte from a real emerald (please somebody!!) to radiants, ovals, elongated cushions and oh my! This is a ring that will turn every head, and certainly turn you into royalty whether you’re wearing a plain white tee or dressed for a gala.

Now let’s not forget about her cage, it was created earlier this year for a custom client (Kayla!!), and soon after my sapphire ring (click here to see Diana) *link It is easily one of my favourite details of 2018, nothing makes me happier than seeing the look and cohesiveness of Stór by Margot rings start to really take shape.








P.S. I am currently working with a fabulous custom client, and we are setting the most beautiful Padparadscha Sapphire I have ever laid eyes on into a customized Charlotte setting, and I think it might even be better than the original. Stay tuned for that later this month! Maybe she’ll even write about her experience for you, she’s a terrific co-designer ;)