The Story of Elena

August 23, 2018

Elena ‘Shining Light’ ‘The Bright One’

If you look back at the essence of antique pieces, you will be overwhelmed by all different kinds of framing. Images were not kept in plain edged borders, but rather exquisite artistry surrounding the main event. Not only were these borders incredible to look at, but often finished in gold or silver leaf, no detail was overlooked.

When designing this next piece in our new collection, I really fell in love with the use of curvature. Instead of the typical geometric framed edge, I loved the notion of playing with the lines of the oval, and creating a contour that is an entire statement of its own.

The intricate micro halo not only brings out the lines, but the centre stone as well, perfect for this ‘Shining Light’, the Bright One, our beautiful Elena. Each bit of contour from the frame to the band is filled with tiny sparkles of light, created to shine into the world around her.