What’s SO important about your wedding band?

March 04, 2019


After spending so much time dreaming and deliberating about your beautiful engagement ring, it may seem a little overwhelming, and sometimes even low priority to choose your wedding band. Today we are getting in to the why’s and all the facts of this all important item, so don’t miss it!


Why is it so important? Well one could argue it is THE most important part of your wedding, simply because it is the one item you use every single day after the I do’s, and the only thing! Did you ever think of it like that?! If you’re already married, you know the simple truth that wedding bands end up getting used even more than your engagement ring. It is most often a comfortable band that is easy to wear for everything, and sometimes more practical than wearing the full set together. 


Why should it be purchased early? The decisions made during the pre-wedding year all come down to one thing: the wedding budget. Your forever band should absolutely be the one you want! It is very wise to make this decision early, so other parts of the wedding don’t get bumped in front. Remember, you don’t want wedding decor, or wedding favours to take the place of the ring you are going to wear everyday, prioritize it! 


What is the appropriate timeframe? Although your band can be ready as quickly as 8-12 weeks, the wedding day is a pretty firm deadline!!! Allowing a buffer for these pieces are helpful in more ways than one:

  1. It allows us time to really perfect everything. When we go right down to the ordering wire, we don’t always have time for any extra tweaking. Say the size needs adjusting, or engraving should be added, or just an extra polish would be extra lovely for your piece… when we have a tight deadline, we don’t always have time for all the adjustments we much prefer to have time for!
  2. Sometimes the production line up is JAM PACKED. This happens typically twice a year, and one of those times is spring. Even though we take rush orders for 4+ weeks, if the line is too long we may not be able to make your band in time *cue the tears* and we don’t really want you spending unnecessarily on those rush fees anyway! 
  3. Time allows us to create some very specialized pieces! Right at this moment, I am working on an August wedding band order. We have worked up the computer design, and are now bringing in a wax piece to determine all the final details, and then we are going to order in some special stones for it! All of this is a super fun process, but not something that can happen on short notice. 


From my experience so far with this all important item, I think the new normal should be ordering 6 months out for the best case scenario, and 4 months as the minimum. Hope this helps you add it to your wedding timeline accordingly! 


What if I am feeling too overwhelmed? If the decision feels like a little much, then absolutely book a consult sooner than later. Like choosing your wedding dress, sometimes you just have to put them on! We have lots of experience ;) and will guide you in the right direction. This is also the first step to determine whether a pre-existing design works perfectly, or we enter the realm of something uniquely custom for you and your fiancé. 


More on all those fun little wedding band details next week! For now, as always, send us your questions if we can help in any way, and I am so looking forward to all my wedding band consults (which are certainly booking up fast!) XO, Margot