Why you should Fall out of Love with Morganite

February 13, 2019

We have been watching from the sidelines as the Morganite stone has blown up on Pinterest and has become a must have item. Everyone has been trying to get their hands on one!
We have a confession to make though, although we can see the beauty of the Morganite stone and why the world has fallen in love with it. We just can’t bring ourselves to get on board with the trend, and here is why!
Morganite is a semi precious stone, it’s like marble and it sits at a really affordable price point. However, it is such a high maintenance ring, It can become foggy, and is prone to water damage.
And here is the big news…
Morganites Crack!
Can you imagine your engagement ring cracking?
It’s a brides’ worst nightmare!
Sadly, we have heard so many of the horror stories out there.
So although we think that Morganites are gorgeous, they are not your forever ring. Think of them more as a cocktail ring (or maybe earrings) that you pull out for girls night out on a Friday night and place back in the box when you arrive home.
We really believe in educating you about your jewelry and making sure you have pieces that last forever.
This is why we are so excited to share with you our stunning Sapphires.
We have just released a light pink option that compares to Morganites both in colour and price point (very rare!). We are thrilled that we can now offer a solution to everyone who is looking for the beautiful Morganite stone, which is going to last and will outshine the Morganite any day!

Introducing our beloved Rose Sapphire.

She really is the most beautiful; her tone is almost identical to the best Morganite tone, peachy blush magnificence! We can’t wait to design these into gorgeous settings and into your hands; they really are a dream come true!  xo
P.S. We are going tell you a little bit more about how Natural Sapphires vs. their Lab Made counterparts in an upcoming post. Stay tuned to find out more!
We also want you to know that if you already have a Morganite, we are more than happy to chat about a solution to preserve it and put a Rose Sapphire in it's place.