I am very thankful that Mike had full faith in my business before I was even sure it would exist, he trusted me to make his custom engagement ring.

Before Mike and I sat down at a coffee shop to create the framework for this amazing ring, there had been 3.5 years of hints pointing me towards this business. If you’ve read our About Section, you already know that my very own custom engagement ring came up a lot in conversation, paying at the grocery store, in line at Starbucks, even by male coworkers! It was just unique, different, and very well put together, it stood out in a crowd. I wanted more people to have what I did, I just wasn’t sure the process was attainable…then I met Mike. 

He wanted to get Charity a really special ring, not just any ring, but something that combined her three favourite images, with a few touches just for her. He found out I could make it happen (without emptying the storehouse of course!) and we got right to work. Not only that, but the practical guy he was said ‘let’s make all 3 at once!’ From there, a white gold solitaire (inspired by the 6 point star) came to life, along with it’s companions: a beautiful arrow detailed diamond band, and a brushed raw white gold band just for him. 

I still remember when she called me from work after finally seeing her beloved ring, and the excitement in her voice was contagious, it made me want to do the whole thing over, and over, and over again! Is this really a job? No way, it’s a way to make people happy and inspire more love in the world. 

The real story behind this amazing couple, is that their trust in me actually made me realize that launching Stór by Margot was actually something I could stop thinking about, and actually do. For that, I will always be grateful.

xo Margot