We love gold, because the world loves gold. When there is uncertainty or change, people flock to the gold market, their safe haven, pure, true and trusted. Throughout history, gold has never diminished in value, and of course it happens to be beautiful too!

Of course we don’t neglect other precious metals either (and are happy to make those for you, more on that later), but if you were to ask the real passion in my heart, I automatically default to pure unaltered 24K gold. You may be wondering what exactly that is, and if so then this blog post is for you.

24K is the purest form of gold (or 99.9% pure), it holds the highest value, the only problem being it is a bit too soft to create jewelry. Where I come from, most jewelry is actually set in 22K (which is the highest quality of gold that can be used in wearable jewelry and rates 91.7% pure), and boy does it ever look amazing! I wear two bracelets that showcase this beautiful colour almost every day, and highly recommend you have some of this in your life too.

The only limiting factor of 22K gold is that it is not strong enough to securely hold stones. I have a fabulous 22K bracelet (a wedding gift from my grandmother), a stunning piece of art, that happens to showcase some small rubies and emeralds, and manages just fine. This is mainly because they are so small and embedded in the piece, I do however have to be careful about bending it, as it is quite delicate and I tend to wear it for special occasions. 

The gatekeeper of precious stones is 18K gold which 75% pure. When it comes to the security of a stone, 18K guarantees durability while maintaining the closest possible purity of gold, keeping those precious rocks safe in their setting! That is why we default to 18K gold for our settings at Stór, we want our clients to boast utmost value and purity out of their treasured possessions. There are special circumstances where we will advise using 14K (and this will always be discussed through the course of your consultation), more on that in the next post!

Want to have a fun chat about which karat and colour is right for you? Please email me (hello@storbymargot.com) and I will book you in for a complimentary consultation. Can’t wait!