When I purchased tickets to attend industry night at the Wedluxe Show 2017, I knew it was going to be grand, but what I didn’t realize is that I’d be dreaming about it for days on end…

It has since given me so much inspiration for my own brand, and my very big future goals. You see, my vision could be summarized in a very brief statement: I want to change the face of bridal jewelry in North America by promoting the return of real gold and gems. I want this to be accessible and attainable for all my beautiful brides, and it’s my goal to help them bring the finishing touches of their wedding day looks to the next level. More information on this can be found on my custom design page which you can find here. Why not customize your jewelry with your most perfect dress? Let’s do it!

Now back to Wedluxe, to call it a bridal masterpiece is quite fitting given that a major theme was the fine art and romantic feel of glorious Italy! Fine Cakes by Zehra created an astonishing 11 foot cake displaying roman ceiling art, and not only that, but I was mesmerized by the surrounding details of one of a kind cookies, and the most beautiful donuts you have ever seen. It was almost a crime to eat them, almost…! 

The space was created by Biji Planners and GPS Décor, and *insert hand clap emoji* do they deserve a round of applause! It was mesmerizing, from the live stone fountain gushing with roses and floral details, to the incredible wall structure with exquisite carved detailing, not to mention the draped roman ceiling all of which whisked you off to Italy for the few short minutes you entered their dream world. I was in awe of such beauty and talent! 

Now it seems, an event is not quite an event in Toronto without the masterful work of Oliver and Bonaccini catering! Pictured above were our take home boxes where you got to choose two take home treats from your featured country of choice, and we were spoiled the whole evening with fabulous canapés! 

We wrapped up the evening meeting with the incredibly talented men of King and Bay who craft Bespoke Tailored Suits perfect for any wedding! I love that groom’s are coming up in the bridal world dressed to stand beside those gorgeous lavish gowns, and these guys are doing it right! Check out their Instagram page for some of the featured NYE cigar jacket’s they created, I have already caught my husband making a list of his future orders! 😉 

Now what is a perfect party without a luxurious take home gift? Before heading out the door, we visited the gift lounge where some very special items were placed in our bags, including a 24K gold face mask, which of course took me no time at all to sample, and the ever so gorgeous winter/spring edition of Wedluxe which is a must read, not only for brides, but anyone who appreciates the creative industry that is weddings. 

Now what I am going to do while I wait to see what Wedluxe Show 2018 has in store?! I’m going to get ready to be apart of it of course!