After her very own engagement at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, Designer, Margot McNaull began the journey that led to Stór Jewelry Company. 

India showcased a whole new side of beauty when it came to precious stones and gold, from some of the world’s most ancient markets, artisans blew her away with their incredible talent, intricate work, depth of knowledge, and expertise in diamonds. Margot knew that the rest of the world needed more of this quality in their lives.  

Stór in Irish gaelic means ‘treasure’. when Margot received her custom engagement ring, she felt like she had a personal treasure all of her own, and has marvelled at its beauty with every compliment that came her way!

This is the experience she strives to create for all patrons of Stór Jewelry Co. let it be uniquely yours, and treasure it forever!

Meet Your Designer

Hi I’m Margot! I love all things bridal, you could probably say I’m slightly obsessed with weddings. Fun fact: my first business was wedding hair design! But more recently, I found a new love in the world of weddings, and that is how Stór was born.

In 2011, I set out on a search for the perfect ring, you would think that wouldn’t be too hard to find nowadays, but what happens when you are a slight perfectionist, detail crazy, and have an idea stuck in your head? Not to mention overwhelmed by a sea of options…All of a sudden your journey turns in to a search for a buried treasure chest!

That precious journey took me and my (then) boyfriend to India, a wedding date already in the works, but no ring shinning on my finger. There, in the midst of the beautiful chaos, in the most unlikely of buildings, we sat on a cushioned floor and designed my treasured ring, what came out of that experience was more than I could have ever dreamed.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GOLD, DIAMONDS and PERFECT… COMBINATION I HAD EVER SEEN…I knew then, I had to find a way to bottle up this experience, and share it with you.

What we do...

Your journey begins with carefully designed works of art. we specialize in crafting intricate, handmade, vintage wedding rings and jewelry. Choose from our luxurious designs, or let us help make your custom vision come to life.

We specialize in high end pieces, 18k gold is our standard when setting a ring, purity of gold is our priority. your certified diamond is selected by a diamond specialist, with a wide range of options available to suit all needs and budgets.

We are proud to offer a specialized his and hers online consultation process, these days women know what they want (let’s be honest), and we want to help couples use this knowledge and still maintain the ideal element of the engagement process: surprise!

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We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Stór?

Personalized service: we want to get to know you.

Highest Quality: we offer the highest quality gold and diamonds, from start to finish, it’s all exquisite.

Expert Diamond Advice: the world of diamonds can be overwhelming, let our expertise guide you.

Beauty from every angle: we create masterpieces, no small detail is ever forgotten.

 ‘Let it be yours, and treasure it forever.’
                                          -Margot McNaull