Why does it take up to 15 days to ship my order?

These pieces are made to order. Each finger has a different size and each ring has a different stone and each stone has a different size. Each ring may have additional requests added to the design. For this reason we want to ensure that we make it perfectly for you, no excuses. For reasons we provide 15 day shipping.

Why do you also have same day shipping?

Well, sometimes we go on the road and do exhibits for potential clients to see our displays and we create them ready to go using our designs and best judgement for what people are looking for within their budget. If we have some left over then we will upload our inventory to the website so you can check out our in stock inventory and we can ship it to you on the same day.


I’m proposing in less than 15 days and I need something NOW!

We completely understand that life is busy and complicated, that is why we offer a ring loaner service for those that…left it to the last minute J.

How this program works is:

  • Reach out to us regarding this program and select from a variety of temporary rings that we can ship to you for next day delivery.
  • Purchase the ring that you really want and we will begin the creation process right away to get it to you ASAP – we are real people and will work with you to solve your unique situation, give us a call!
  • Receive your temporary ring in a ring box and everything. As well as a description of the ring that you ordered and an expected delivery date of your ring you ordered in step #2.
  • Do your thing with the temporary loaner ring and propose. Check out our story, this is exactly what I did!
  • Go ahead, blame us for the timing, we just want the ring to be perfect!
  • Await with anticipation for your purchase to arrive.
  • Once your engagement ring arrives you have two different options.
    1. Purchase the loaner ring and do not pay to ship it back to us.
    2. Ship it back to us. Once received we will refund the deposit placed for the loaner ring back into your account within 48 hours.
  • Refer your friends using our coupon codes and receive cash incentives for the referral bonus.