Meet Your Designer

Hi I’m Margot! I love all things bridal, you could probably say I’m slightly obsessed with weddings. Fun fact: my first business was wedding hair design! But more recently, I found a new love in the world of weddings, I like to refer to them as treasures, and that is how Stór was born.


In 2011, I set out on a search for the perfect ring, you would think that wouldn’t be too hard to find nowadays, but what happens when you are a slight perfectionist, detail crazy, and have an idea stuck in your head? Not to mention overwhelmed by a sea of options…All of a sudden your journey turns in to a search for a buried treasure chest!

That precious journey took me and my (then) boyfriend to India, a wedding date already in the works, but no ring shinning on my finger. There, in the midst of the beautiful chaos, in the most unlikely of buildings, we sat on a cushioned floor and designed my treasured ring, what came out of that experience was more than I could have ever dreamed.

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GOLD, DIAMONDS and PERFECT… COMBINATION I HAD EVER SEEN…I knew then, I had to find a way to bottle up this experience, and share it with you.