I heard the men talk, and certainly listened! Not only that, but crafted a plan(ing) service!

Over and over, I heard the words, ‘but how?’ It’s almost as if the stress of buying the right ring was no longer the biggest factor in the engagement process, the proposal was the scary part.

There is a lot of pressure today to present that life changing question just perfectly. Simply getting down on one knee is no longer enough, people want a story to tell. The social media explosion has elevated the proposal even further, with accounts dedicated to highlighting the couples that got this just right. After all, people want a story to tell, as that seems to be the most asked question outside of ‘when’s the wedding date?’

Fast forward past the months I have spent wishing to provide a solution to this problem (I even pondered a second business! Easy right? ;)), and now I am so very excited to announce that Stór will be including proposal planning in our list of services! Not only that but most of our engagement ring purchases will even include this luxury service!).

Don’t worry guys, we’ve got you (fully) covered!