When you see the designs in my collection at Stór, I’m glad you get to witness the end result of a lot dreaming and creating. What you don’t see, is the many hours I spend getting those designs from my thoughts, and inspirations in to shiny beautiful creations for you to wear.

Similar to my jewelry designs, I had been dreaming of an alternative jewelry case, something I had never seen before, it only existed in my own (imaginary) reality! As show season was approaching, I started to search harder for something that might work to represent Stór, my search came up empty. 

One day at my parents house I happened to mention this to the contractor on site and thank GOODNESS I did! He said: ‘call the guys @Grindstone250, they can make anything!’ and boy was he right! We started with a sign to replicate our watercolour and gold foil business card, and it ended with a jewelry case straight from perfectionists heaven! 

Grindstone 250 is a local urban Metal Workshop, run by two of the nicest gentlemen I have ever met in Ottawa, Ontario who eat, breathe, and sleep metal! They met while building armoured cars (how awesome is that??) They do everything from cool custom furniture, to engine block repair, to machine shop production runs, to on site portable welding, and now on their list of accomplishments: incredible custom jewelry cases! 

Thanks be to these incredibly cultivated craftsmen, Robb and Jason, my treasured pieces will be on display in the most lavish of cases as they travel around to meet you. 

If you are looking for local, hand made, built to last, metal mastery…. @Grindstone250 will deliver. They certainly made my dream case come true!

I realized half way through this super fun project that Stór and Grindstone have a lot in common, we both find out what our clients love, and we eat, sleep and breathe it until it becomes a reality. 

Hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes build.