Wedding ring shopping done right.
(At least I think so!)  

If you meet any of my friends or family, they will likely be able to confirm, that I can’t help but cringe when someone tells me they shopped at a generic mall brand store for their precious engagement ring *insert cringe here!* Reason being…I CARE! I am extremely passionate about my clients receiving the very best ring possible, and when it comes to retail chains, most couples unfortunately do not walk away with that experience. 

[Slight pause here for my mid-blog apology… I am genuinely sorry if this was you, but once you’ve read through my thought process, I hope you will understand what I’m trying to explain to the world, and if I do not succeed in convincing you I will happily pick up the tab on a ‘please forgive me’ drink.] 

Let’s start with this, 10K, 12K, 14K stop! What about our precious #18?? It’s definitely hard to come by, and if it is there, the price skyrockets. When I started Stór Jewelry Co. I knew that 18K gold was going to be our standard, I wasn’t going to charge more for it,  I am dedicated to providing my clients with the best product possible, and in my opinion, the more gold the merrier! (I have to note here that in some instances 14K is recommended, but only if it’s best for you and your ring design).

Next, is the biggest cringe of all, the diamonds. When I speak with clients about the options and styles they are shopping for, we often discuss pricing or ‘special deals’ that they saw at the mall or in the token holiday TV advertising. Often times, what’s hidden in these deals are two little ugly characters called i1 & i2! Please, if you hear those words spoken, just run away. I will translate that in to english for you: ugly inclusions, visible to the eye which will show up in black marks or what looks like air bubbles stuck forever in your diamond. These ‘imperfections’ rob your glorious bling of it’s BLING. They don’t really shine, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to fix that problem. So please, do not be roped in to the allure of a nice coloured i1, it is much more worth your while to come down a bit on the colour scale, and get a stone that is worthy to shine on your finger.

Now before more jewelry talk, let me compare this experience to a shopping trip. Have you ever gone in to H&M, bumped in to a hundred people while you elbow your way over to the $9.99 section? Or perhaps, the fitting room experience at Forever 21? Some great items, but you may see another birthday while you wait your turn to try on the 10 items, 2 of which didn’t even last through the fitting? Or lastly, one of my personal favourites being Zara, great finds at really reasonable prices, but a return policy from the dark ages? (30 days with a receipt, are you serious?!) And then, you stroll in to Nordstrom… a.k.a HEAVEN in a mall. It’s hard to go 30 seconds without a greeting or personal assistance, you don’t have to walk around with lower arm pain as you try to carry all of your items, because 2 different people have already approached you to hang it in your fitting room. Oh and that glorious fitting room, which is locked at all times with your coat and bags so you aren’t sweating to death and wondering how fast you can get back to your car? (the Canadian winter shopping experience at least!) Those ladies sent from God himself check in on you, and have more sizes and options before you even know you need them? Can we also talk about on site alterations, and personal shoppers? This is really the jackpot of the shopping world, and the kicker? The prices are amazing too! 

We are Nordstrom in the jewelry world, and the little slice of heaven for every bride to be! Not only, are we going to hold all your bags and give you the best experience imaginable, we actually want to hang out with you and pour you a glass of champagne. When your awesome boyfriends come to see us for the first time, we will swap that champagne glass for some Old Fashioned’s or a beer. We are approachable, and we care more than anything about your experience. Why? Because you deserve to have the world’s most perfect ring on your finger, no regrets! Oh, and the best part? You are getting top designer quality and creations, without needing to take out a second mortgage. We don’t believe in that, we much prefer the Nordstrom experience to be available for all (different pricing options, for different needs and budgets, all wrapped up with the same fabulous quality). After all, when it comes to your precious engagement ring, it’s not the time to elbow fight or wait in line at the change room. It’s the right time in life for the personal shopper, to do your consulting, and treat you like a queen!

Best way to start your fitting room with us? Fill out this form in our dream ring section (linked here), we will have your perfect fit on file for when the prince comes knocking! Not sure what you want? Let’s chat! Our consultations go far beyond choosing a diamond, we match skin tones, consider hand shapes and sizes when choosing a diamond cut and much, much more! 

Xo, Margot