Not from Canada but interested in our rings?

First of all we want to welcome you to Stór by Margot. We love it when word gets out about our high quality fine jewelry, a luxurious modern vintage style that is affordable for most! We mean that.

We are business that is based out of Canada. When it comes to buying Jewelry online from another country (Canada in particular) there are a few major benefits that you should consider. The biggest one has to do with the cross border currency exchange rate. Currently, our Canadian Dollar is weak, which is a downside for us (especially on those amazing weekend shopping trips to the States!), but for those crossing that border to come to us, whether that be online or in person, it is an incredible benefit to stretch your dollar much further, and in terms of jewelry could there be a more amazing perk??

Here’s an example of what we can offer you:
Let’s just say you are from New York and shopping for jewelry on our site, you would see that the setting for Claire is for sale at $2,325 CDN. This means that if you were to purchase this ring it would register in your account at a cost of approximately $1,772 USD. The same formula applies for all centre stones as well! 

We are determined to stay competitive to our local market, which means our pricing has not really changed over the past few years. That, in conjunction with our dollar having dropped in value, means that whenever someone overseas purchases our jewelry, they benefit from preferred pricing and maximize their purchasing power. 

To visit Claire and the rest of our exquisite collection (all priced in our very strategic Canadian Dollar!) take a look here.

Are you a New Yorker looking to learn more about our product or meet us in person? We love NY and visit several times a year, so please contact us and we can’t wait to arrange to meet you in person!