More Than
A Ring

Elevating the ring into an experience
Not just any ring.

Not one you wear to a dinner party or fancy event, not the casual ring that you randomly found on a store shelf, no, not even that all important family birthstone ring. This ring speaks to who you are, marks one of the greatest milestones of your life, it may be passed down for generations to come, a constant conversation piece with family and friends, and let us not forget, that it will be the star on your social feed the minute it becomes yours.

Your Ring

Deserves a Story

The symbol of the beginning of your lives together deserves more than a visit to the store—the ring that marks your forever should be part of an experience. An engagement ring designed in Ottawa by custom ring and wedding band designer Margot is never just a ring, it’s a representation of who you are, and who you are together.

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