5 Must-Have Jewellery Pieces You Need for 2024


2024 is here, and with it come the fresh, exciting trends we've all been waiting for. Spotted on the Spring/Summer '24 runways, these styles offer a fresh take on classic pieces. At the forefront of bringing these trends to life is our curated collection. We've carefully selected standout pieces from our store that perfectly encapsulate the essence of this year's trends, ensuring you stay ahead in the fashion game.
  1. Alphabet and motto motifs

Letter Necklace

Remember when Hailey Bieber rocked that sparkling 'B' necklace last summer? Just like with pretty much everything she does, it caused quite a moment, but that moment isn’t going anywhere. Our Gold Letter Necklace is a standout, offering a blend of subtlety and statement. Wear your heart on your neck with a letter dedicated to someone special.



  1. Mermaid Core

The mermaid-core trend continues to reign, thanks to this year's stand-out films The Little Mermaid and Barbie, seashell motifs are still gaining momentum. Our Pearl Earrings are a nod to this trend, and are available in white and pink (yes

Pearl earrings

pink!). These earrings are a match made in beachy heaven for those days when you want to pretend you’re on a beach in St. Barts. 



  1. Ring Stacks 

For years we’ve all been layering up our necklaces, now it’s time for our fingers to have some fun. The key to layering is choosing differentiating pieces to create visual interest, think chunky with dainty. We think our Wave, Riverstone, and Everyday Mini rings would look stunning together. 

  1. Colourful Gems 

Adding colour to your jewellery collection is a must this year. Ralph Lauren showcased vibrant beaded necklaces throughout his 2024 spring/summer runway show, and Bottega Veneta and Ferragamo have been featuring chic coloured earrings for a few seasons now. If you’re stuck in a gold or silver only rut (it’s easy to fall into), try adding a pop of colour with our Baguette Sapphire Studs or Emerald band, they’re the perfect way to branch out in a subtle way. 

  1. Everyday Diamonds 

Diamonds are surging in popularity, and while they’re always in-style, right now big bling is in for everyday wear. Gone are the days of reserving your most precious gems for a special occasion, now it’s all about sporting your diamonds with a simple outfit for an elevated look, and our Tennis necklace and bracelet are the winning combo you need. Diamonds are always worth the investment. 

As we embrace the new year, it's clear that jewellery isn’t just a side dish anymore; it’s a statement, a form of self-expression, and a way to stand out. And while trends come and go, our fine jewellery is something you can have, and will want to wear, forever.

Amp up your 2024 wardrobe with these highly coveted jewellery pieces




        Riverstone ring   


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