Back to the Beginning

A little reminder of how we started, and who’ve we become.

The vision behind Stór by Margot Jewelry began during my own engagement ring shopping experience. With all the excitement of a pending engagement, I had to say the journey to find a ring was somewhat disappointing. I discovered a generic industry, mass marketing to couples during an incredibly special, unique and vulnerable time. 

Everyone wants to get engaged, the excitement is on high, and sometimes that can mask what you’re truly getting in a ring. I thought: Why would I want a ring off an assembly line to represent the commitment of my own unique relationship? I had to change this… 

‘Astore’ means ‘my treasure’ in Irish Gaelic, and we printed the definition on our brand new packaging (coming soon!), but I love how it emphasizes the uniqueness of what we do.

Definition of Astore

You see in the past, I’ve had a hard time truly explaining it, and perhaps it is because I was still coming to an understanding of the jewelry industry as a whole myself, and it took me some time to build up the confidence to share this part of my business. But going in to our 5th official year, it’s definitely time. 

There is a big difference between a typical jewelry store, the process of making jewelry, and what we do for you at Stór. The emphasis really is on ‘made uniquely for you’. Even if you are choosing one of our collection pieces, we still customize that to your stone size, ring size, metal colour choice, and the finishing details that goes in to each one of our rings. If you’re doing a custom piece, or (my favourite) heirloom designs, you will truly see the difference in our design meetings of what goes in to the ring making process (and what really should be part of such a special time in your life!). 

What’s important to you, as the ring wearer and couple, is what drives our every decision, and motivates who we are. If you’ve ever heard stories of my quality check before a ring delivery, you will know that I drive my goldsmiths absolutely crazy (ha!) making sure every single aspect of the design meets my expectations. We truly are the definition of custom, bespoke jewelry, and this is something I want to spend more and more time explaining to all of you awesome followers, supporters and clients over the next year. 

I remember a moment in the summer of 2020, a lot still up in the air, we were meeting clients on our porch at the time… and it wasn’t easy to keep going amidst all the unknowns of the business world, government mandates, stress upon stress. But I finally got to have in person client meetings again, and I’ll never forget the 3 couple’s we saw that day, it was as if my mind was saying to me ‘oh ya, I do love this, this is why I love this,’ and that had to do with the excitement behind your very own love stories, that we were going to bring together in to this beautiful piece of jewelry. I do love it… 

So thank you, my wonderful clients, for always showing up with excitement, appreciation and trust, you reminded me how truly blessed I am to continue to build a business, creating beautiful rings for you as my foundation. No matter what the next few years bring, I will always keep those moments close to my heart.

This collection of Sapphire rings is available now, and we do have a curated selection of loose sapphires if you would prefer to design your own ring. These gemstones are available to try on locally in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario, can be viewed Canada-wide in our Ring Experience Box, or can be purchased for shipping worldwide.

As our specialty has always been Engagement Rings, we saved a selection of Peach, Lavender, and Pink sapphire in larger sizes, perfect for that special ring, designed and made in Ontario, Canada.