Introducing our Life in Colour Collection

The idea for this collection was sparked about six months ago. I had posted a lavender sapphire to stories, and I received a resounding response and request for them in our ring collections. I honestly did not know this stone was all over your Pinterest boards!

A vision began to form. Why not create a collection of sapphires, each colour representing a unique and important reminder to us all? Reminders that we came through hard challenges more resilient, more aware of the value that remains.

The brilliant sapphires of our latest collection were inspired by the very process of their creation – a symphony of intense colour and remarkable durability dependent on a process involving impurities rather than perfect conditions. We’ve all had a similar environment these last few years – a mix of difficulty and loss, circumstances less than ideal.

Yet we’ve endured.

Rather than viewing the storms as a blemish on our journey, we can mark these moments in our history by choosing to celebrate the radiance of the rainbow wrapped around our finger and the promise of hope it inspires echoing inside our hearts. 

Our sapphires are natural colour gemstones unearthed from the mines of Sri Lanka (origin country of some of the most famous sapphires in the world) whose brilliance will not fade. Highly durable, their radiance can stand the test of time and will continue to glimmer for generations.

Whether you choose lavender (a colour associated with royalty and prosperity), pink (power through hardships, intense love and compassion), or peach/champagne (love, creativity, acceptance), the colour reflecting back will symbolize the endurance of your hope. Of special note, the peach sapphire has unique chameleon properties – the ability to take on the prettiest of grey hues when paired with yellow gold! 

Our collection of sapphires is a colourful reminder that rainbows shine only after a storm and that enduring beauty can be birthed even in places and seasons lacking in perfection.


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