Unveiling "The Stealth Line": Affordable Wedding Bands meet Modern Design

We're excited to introduce our latest creation: The Stealth Line – a stunning collection of men's wedding bands that combine affordability with style. Crafted in 14k gold (available in white, copper, or yellow) and offering a variety of widths and finishes, the Stealth Line is designed for those who seek the perfect balance between quality and your pocket book.

What Is "The Stealth Line," and Why Did We Create It?

We understand that everyone's journey is unique, and so are their preferences when it comes to wedding bands. For many, weddings are a significant investment. From the venue to the catering and everything in between, the costs can quickly add up. We recognize that not everyone wants to prioritize a high-priced wedding ring, and that's where The Stealth Line was born, as we continue our commitment to providing a wide range of choices for all couples. 

We created this collection to cater to those who love our designs, but are looking for lower price points. This collection offers affordability without compromising on Quality, as you still receive our popular designs, in a lighter weight format (pretty stealth right?!)

The Classic Edge ring in the Stealth Line offers a timeless and elegant design, perfect for those who appreciate traditional aesthetics in a wedding band.

If you're seeking a more contemporary look, the Modern Edge ring might be your ideal choice. Its sleek and modern design sets it apart.

For those who want something unique and edgy, the Harvey Dent ring is a stylish choice with a distinctive personality

We are continually adding new designs, ensuring that there's a perfect wedding ring to match every unique love story, catering to both the classic and modern man's wedding band style. 
Who is this for?
I want a nice-looking ring, without the high price tag.
I don't mind a lighter weight ring.
Advice: go for it! Shop stealth. 
Who won't love this?
I love a luxurious look in a ring
I value the gold weight for my wedding band
Advice: Stick to our regular Stór Man line with either standard or luxury weight. 

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