What to consider when choosing the perfect Oval Diamond

The oval craze is going strong, and I am not mad about it! With round diamonds dominating the engagement world for years, it’s nice to see ovals take the spotlight.

Here are 3 reasons why I prefer an oval:

1. Round Diamonds are at a Premium
When paying for a diamond, everything is done by weight. Yes that’s right, a carat is actually the weight of a stone, not the size. Round diamonds need to be cut quite deep to get the facets and brilliant shine, which uses up more of a rough diamond, and therefore is more expensive.

2. Ovals Look Bigger!
Back to carat = weight, ovals (as well as pears, marquises, emeralds, radiants) all carry more weight at the surface of the stone, giving the appearance of something larger. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want the stone to show off as much as possible?

With some of the other shapes (rounds and cushions especially) I like to say it’s similar to having a giant basement that nobody ever sees.

3. We Can Play with Oval Ratios
Now, my designer heart leaps for joy whenever I can work with elongation. There is something absolutely magnificent about length on a finger, and ovals are PERFECT for it. They are the most classic option, that can be tailored for various designs.

For example, you all love EM. She was released with an elongated oval with a 1:5 ratio (that translates to a long and narrow stone). Her elongation is a perfect compliment to the side marquises, which wraps up the design beautifully.

For some reason, standard Oval cuts come in much rounder in nature; 9mm x 7mm for example is a normal 2 carat weight. But 95% of the time you will see me using 9x6mm or 10x7mm when selecting a diamond for my clients. It results in a much nicer final ring design. Not only that, but we are also strategically choosing larger looking sizes than the actual carat weight you pay for (mega bonus!).

Now lastly, not only are all these amazing facts about ovals true, but they happen to suit a lot of finger shapes. Elongation on a finger is very similar to wearing black; it’s slimming and flattering on almost everybody. It’s no coincidence we have seen this beautiful stone go absolutely crazy in the celebrity world, like Blake Lively’s ring (the original oval in my opinion), Ariana Grande’s Oval Double Solitaire ring, and Kourtney Kardashian’s ring (speaking of gorgeous elongation!) as just a few examples.

Not sure what shape is right for you? Or want to come try out a variety of Oval sizes? Book a consult here and we will guide you through the whole ring selection process.

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