Behind every ring is a vision: combining the eye and talent of the designer with the vision each couple has for their engagement ring is what inspired Margot to start Stór Jewelry Co.

“We encourage couples to be involved in this process together, you don’t buy a car without the others input, you certainly don’t look for a house without the guidance of your partner, picking the ring forever on her finger is just like those other things.”

Margot McNaull

Margot McNaull

Meet Founder & Designer, Margot McNaull

After her very own engagement at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, Designer, Margot McNaull began the journey that led to Stór Jewelry Company.

India showcased a whole new side of beauty when it came to precious stones and gold. From some of the world’s most ancient markets, artisans blew her away with their incredible talent, intricate work, depth of knowledge, and expertise in diamonds. Margot knew that the rest of the world needed to experience this exquisite quality and experience.

That journey took Margot and her boyfriend (now husband!) to India, a wedding date already in the works, but no ring shining on her finger. There, in the midst of the beautiful chaos, in the most unlikely of buildings, they sat on a cushioned floor and designed her treasured ring, and sparked a fierce desire to provide the same luxury experience to people everywhere.

“I saw the hole in the engagement ring market, the big gapping hole! Decisions were already made for you, you chose from a selection much like a crowded wall in a candy store. The process was entirely overwhelming, and I wanted to change it forever.”