Real Couple: Kyla + Mitch

Stor real couple


Besides being some of the loveliest clients I’ve ever worked with, one of my favourite parts about working with Mitch & Kyla was their confident relationship. It came through in the ring design, as they had both done their research, and were very sure of the stone selection, cut and then they left it with me to bring it all to life! When someone is as classy as Kyla, Emerald cuts are such a perfect match. The modern edges, and sleek simplicity was the theme we went with, all to emphasize the beautiful size of this stone. Let me just add that this continued through the wedding band selection, and these two conveniently decided to elope last month, so I can’t wait to share this entire ring set with you soon!  XO Margot
Stor Real Couple

How did Mitchell propose?
Mitch proposed on a Friday morning hike with our dog Elle, in the Gatineau park. A classic get down on one knee scenario.


Tell us about the ring! 
My ring is absolutely gorgeous. It is a 2.5c emerald cut, on a white gold pave band. I had no idea what I wanted until I started trying rings on. My jewelry is normally quite dainty, and timeless as is Mitch’s style. This ring cut elongates my fingers and sparkles in the sun, and people constantly compliment it.


What’s your overall style? 
I would explain my style as delicate, simple with a touch of bold, And Mitch’s is timeless and classic. This ring embodies both Mitch’s timeless style and my dainty style, with a breath taking stone which is absolutely BOLD!


How did the process go with the creation of your ring? 
It was seamless, we went to the initial appointment together but we really had no idea what we wanted. I brought in a few pictures to that initial appointment but I don’t think I knew what I wanted until I tried on an emerald cut ring. We both know nothing about stones or rings, so we were mainly there together as an educational first step, and after that Mitch attended meetings (in secret) alone with Margot.

[Margot] has such a knowledge, and a passion for what she does she put us at ease for such a large investment. We can not express how happy we are with our rings, and with our experience.

What made you choose Stór by Margot?
I have a friend in the wedding industry (Lauren Sinclair, of Sinclair and co. Design) and she pointed me in the direction of Margot after expressing my interest in a custom designed ring.


What gave you confidence to work with Margot?
Her over all knowledge. We were two people, with 0 knowledge in this field. She explained with such confidence, and passion it made the process effortless. We trusted her completely and without hesitation with our engagement ring, as well as our wedding bands. (Which, might I add, my wedding band is almost as stunning as my engagement ring!)


What was your first reaction when you saw the final ring?
It was even better than I thought it would be. It was months after our initial appointment and Mitch had been meeting with Margot in private. I was blown away, and shocked he would carry something so stunning in his back pack for the last 2 hours on a hike!


Any tips/advice you’d recommend to another bride looking to have a ring created by Stór by Margot?
We highly recommend Margot, and have to many of our friends starting the “engagement process”. Our wedding was cancelled this year due to Corona Virus and rescheduled to a tentative date in 2021. All plans for our “perfect” day went out the window and all we could think to ourselves was how happy we were that we did not spare on our rings; they truly are the only tangible things from your big day that you wear every, single day.

Stor real couple
Stor real couple
Stor real couple

Photographer: GR Martin Studio